Residential Developments

We work with construction companies, architects and council to provide secure cycle parking for residential developments in the UK.

Projects have included racks, lockable or open access shelters, Velo-Safe lockers and high capacity 2-tier racks for affordable housing to luxury apartment blocks.

Our extensive range of products are secure, innovative and can be customised to harmonise with the building’s architecture and design.

Recent Installations

Cycle-Works installed two Avon Bike Shelters, as well as racks, at a major student accommodation dev...

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Secure Cycle Compound

Cycle-Works supplied and installed a Josta® 2-Tier Rack for a private landlord in Woking. The rack ...

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Rounded A Rack with Security Bar

Spencer Park, Wandsworth.

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Latest Residential Developments News

Discover the latest architecture and construction news within the UK.

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