Our Bike Pump Station enables cyclists to inflate their tyres whilst out and about.

The strong industrial construction and durable galvanised and powder coated steel finish make the Service Station ideally suited for public spaces, bike stations and the work place. Its base plate allows fixing onto most hard, flat and level surfaces, while the pump’s dual Presta/Schraeder valve fits all bikes.

Features & Benefits
  • Provides a useful facility for cyclists
  • Galvanised & powder coated steel, most RAL colours available
  • Strong industrial design
  • Dual Presta and Schraeder valve
  • Surface mounted with baseplate
Inflating the Tyres

• Position the wheel so as to gain convenient access to the valve and remove the plastic cap.
• Fit the correct pump air adapter to your bike’s Presta or Schraeder valve. Push the lever on the adapter down to secure and close it.
• Test the pressure range (BAR/PSI) suitable for your bike. You will find this information on the side of the bike’s tyres. Usually it is 3 BAR.
• Inflate the tyre. Ensure you are monitoring the pressure gauge whilst doing so.
• Remove the pump’s adapter and hook it back to the pump station.
• Fasten the plastic cap or metal nut on the valve.


Bike Pump Stations are extremely economic maintenance stations to install. Quotes are based on your bespoke specification, location and the quantity required.

Please contact us for a quotation, call 02392 81 55 55 or email sales@cycle-works.com.


Current lead time is 6-8 weeks from receipt of your written purchase order. Extra time may be needed if extensive customisation is required.