Other Products and Services

In addition to quality bicycle parking, we offer a range of related services. This includes wheeling ramps, clothes lockers, folding bike lockers and scooter racks, as well as more specialised services.

Metal Wheeling Ramps

Wheeling ramps make stairs accessible to cyclists.

Wheeling Ramps – general information

Wheeling ramps make stairs accessible to cyclists.

Event Racking

Event bicycle racking for hire or purchase

Folding Bike Lockers

This 2-tier Folding Bike Locker is able to hold almost all folding bikes

Helmet & Clothes Lockers

Our helmet and clothes lockers can be supplied in a number of sizes and colours to meet your particular requirements.

Scooter Parking

This scooter rack is especially designed for younger children to keep their scooters safe and secure.

Custom Made Solutions

We are keen to help you to find the best custom-made solution for your site, however small or awkward the available space may be.

Spares & Replacement Parts

Available for all of our products.


Cycle-Works has a dedicated team of experienced full-time installers.

Electronic Access

At Cycle-Works, we believe that the future for many sites is electronic access.

Bike Stations

A bike station is simply a bicycle storage facility that offers a range of additional services.

Bike Racks On Buses

A bike rack mounted on the front of a bus is the ideal solution for truly integrated transport.