A bike rack mounted on the front of a bus is the ideal solution for truly integrated multi-modal transport. In North America, racks are mounted on the fronts of over 85% of all buses.

Cycle-Works has partnered with Sportworks (a US manufacturer of bike racks for buses and trains) to bring bikes racks for buses to transit agencies in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Benefits of installing the racks

  • Integrates bikes and public transport.
  • Shown to promote cycling as it.

– Encourages longer commutes.
-Provides reassurance for less confident groups.
-Provides a reliable option in case of emergency or bad weather.

  • Increases bus usage – increases the catchment area of the bus.
  • Provides secure bike transportation for dirty bikes, outside the crowded bus – especially important in peak times.

Advantages of the rack

  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Safe and secure method of holding the bikes in place.
  • Optimised for driver visibility and has no effect on approach angle or turning radius –  even when loaded with 2 or 3 bikes.
  • Specially manufactured for safety in right-hand drive countries (bike securement and removal ergonomically designed to avoid oncoming traffic).
  • Many options available, including support for fat-tire bikes, and heavy e-bikes (weighing up to 75lbs).
  • The bike and bus combination on the front of the bus is quite visible, bringing greater PR benefits.

Please see bikesandbuses.com for further information.