Open Access Products

These products offer convenient open access parking, ranging from simple individual racks to space-saving high capacity 2-tier racks. Shelters can also be provided to cover these racks.

Josta® 2-tier Rack

An easy-to-use 2-tier bicycle rack that parks one bike directly above the other

Solent Open Access Shelter

The Solent shelter is a modern curved shelter that provides good weather protection from the rear and sides.

Avon Shelter

The Avon is a simple and cost-effective shelter that can be modified and changed to meet many different requirements

Cam Shelter

The Cam is a modern and versatile shelter that lends itself to many different applications.

Josta® Pergola Shelter

The Pergola shelter is a stylish shelter with a curved roof.

Josta® Berlin Shelter

The Berlin shelter is a high quality and versatile modern shelter with many options.

Dee Shelter

The Dee shelter is a modern and curved cycle shelter.

Cycle-Works VeloStore

The Cycle-Works VeloStore is a compact, secure and unobtrusive multi-bike shelter.

Josta® Wall Rack

The Josta wall rack is an individual wall-mounted rack that can park the bike either vertically or horizontally.

Josta® Wall Rack on frameworks

The popular and easy-to-use Josta wall rack can be mounted onto frameworks for sites where it is impossible to fix the rack to the wall.

Rounded A Rack

The High Security 'Rounded A' rack is a stylish yet cost-effective variation of the standard Sheffield stand.

Lock2Me Rack

The Lock2Me rack is a stylish and elegant rack that complements contemporary surroundings.

Sheffield Stand

The Sheffield stand is a classic flat top rack for 2 bicycles. It is available with or without a horizontal security bar.

Double D

The Double D rack supports the bike well and offers a variety of locking points.

Post Hoop

The Post Hoop is a stylish rack that holds the bike well.

Loop the Loop

The Loop the Loop separates the 2 bikes, making it for easier of use.

Sweet Heart

The Sweet Love offers a unique and innovative design

Big Heart

The Big Love rack is a unique design

O Ring

The O Ring is a popular choice for town centres


The Theta is a variation on the O Ring rack, with a horizontal security bar.

Winchester Rack

The Winchester rack is a stylish and elegant rack that has been specifically designed to complement gothic architecture in Cathedral cities.

Conservation Rack

The Conservation rack is a stylish and elegant rack that complements traditional architecture and classic locations.

Josta® Berlin Shelter for 2-tier racks

The Berlin shelter is a very popular and sturdy modern shelter.

Higher Solent Shelter for 2-tier racks

The Higher Solent shelter is a larger version of the popular Solent shelter and is therefore ideal to cover 2-tier racks.


This innovative new rack comes as a set of six waves in different sizes.


This cheerful new rack comes as a set of racks with different facial expressions.

Inverted U Rack

The Inverted U rack is a Rounded A rack without a security bar.


This new rack is a variation of the classic Sheffield/Rounded A stand.

Josta® TripleParker bicycle parking system

This new and innovative product has been specifically designed to provide a space-efficient, secure and economic parking system on three levels.

Profile Rack

The Profile rack is a stylish and easy-to-use bicycle rack.