The Kent Bike Rack is a modern cycle parking system that offers high density and ease of use.

The front wheel of the bike is protected from damage by its surrounding framework.

Both the front wheel and the back wheel of the bike can be easily secured through the framework and an integrated eye loop at the rear of the rack.

The frame has been designed to accommodate tyre widths of up to 55mm.

Features & Benefits
  • Securely holds the bike upright
  • Incorporates a convenient locking point
  • Hi-low-hi-low formation
  • Each bike has its own space
  • No damaged paintwork
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Units can be different sizes
  • Easy to relocate
  • No expensive groundworks

To download the Kent Bike Rack product sheet, click here.


Kent Bike Racks are extremely economic units to install. Quotes are based on your bespoke specification, location and the quantity required.

Please contact us for a quotation, call 02392 81 55 55 or email


Current lead time is 6-8 weeks from receipt of your written purchase order. Extra time may be needed if extensive customisation is required.