Cycle-Works completed the installation of over 200 bike spaces at Morello II over the weekend. The Morello project is a regeneration scheme in Croydon consisting of 445 new homes; retail, commercial and community space; and a link bridge to the local train station. Working for Maylim and Sir Robert McAlpine, with architectural input from Make Architects and 3DReid Ltd, this project aims to promote sustainable commuting.

With 154 bike places on the Josta gas-assisted lifting two-tier racks, the installation maximises space efficiency while ensuring secure storage. It aligns with sustainability goals, reduces carbon emissions, and encourages healthier lifestyles. As well as gas assisted lifting the Josta 2-tier racks also features 3 dedicated locking points per bike space.

This initiative sets a precedent for future urban projects, emphasising eco-consciousness and community well-being. Through innovative design and collaboration, Cycle-Works enhances the development’s functionality and aesthetic appeal, paving the way for greener, healthier cities.