Cycle-Works installed Josta 2-Tier cycle racks and a Pump & Toolkit at a modern office building in Cavendish Square, London. The bike racks provide 32 cycle parking spaces for staff and visitors.

Josta 2-Tier Bike Racks

Highly durable, Josta 2-Tier Racks are safe and easy to use. Josta’s patented gripping mechanism holds each wheel firmly in place, preventing the bike from rolling back or bouncing out of the rack. Each bike can be locked to its own security bar.

Cycle-Works Pump & Toolkit

Cycle-Works also supplied and installed our Pump & Toolkit. The bike maintenance station provides a variety of tools for repairing bikes with minor mechanical problems, as well as pump for inflating tyres that has both Presta/Schraeder valves.