H2 is a new modern concept in urban fitness, offering quality cycle parking, showers, changing facilities, spinning and a Gym, all in the heart of London.

Cycle-Works worked closely with the H2 team to produce a bespoke parking solution that would compliment the aims of the fitness hub. The parking had to fit into the low-level basement and be able to accommodate as much parking as possible in the 13,000 square foot old car park off Berwick Street in Soho.

The difficult site involved considerable planning and evaluation, before the ideal solution was established. This was for 250 bike spaces on Josta 2-tier racks, with another 42 spaces on vertical wall hooks on the side walls. The Josta 2-tier system is easy and safe to use, with minimal maintenance and a proven track record in the UK, Europe and the US. The vertical parking is ideal for the casual users on lightweight bikes, and is situated nearer the entrance.

The bike racks are monitored by CCTV and the hub includes 39 showers and 900 lockers, plus a bike shop and workshop, dry-cleaning and clothes-drying facility and a gym with spin classes.

The combination of high quality bike parking and other facilities has made it a successful and popular scheme, and one that is a model for other sites wishing to promote cycling in a city centre.