Southern Railway wins ‘Operator of the Year’

Southern Railway have won the title of ‘Operator of the Year’ at the recent ATOC Cycle Rail Wards held at the Houses of Parliament. Cycle-Works had nominated Southern for the provision of cycle parking across the network.

Southern had a major problem with the limited amount of cycle parking spaces and identified the need to boost the provision of spaces. They met with Cycle-Works who explained the benefits of the Josta 2-tier system. Cycle-Works also designed a new, modern shelter and a major project was undertaken.

The increase in cycle parking is now extremely visible at a number of Southern’s stations including Sutton, Horsham, Brighton and Haywards Heath where the Josta 2-tier racking system has been installed.

Sutton Station

Horsham Station

Brighton Station

Hove Station

Bognor Station

West Norwood Station

East Croydon Station