Reading Borough Council install more cycle lockers

Reading Borough Council – Secure cycle lockers

Cycle-Works were asked to supply a first batch of secure cycle lockers to Reading Borough Council back in 2011.The lockers were installed at various residential locations within the Borough; either where there were flats or on housing estates with little room to store cycles. Subsequent orders followed: 24 lockers in 2012, 10 more lockers between 2013 – 2015 and, very recently, another 18 locker spaces early in 2016. Another 4 lockers to follow very shortly. Cycle-Works have also supplied and installed other cycle parking products for the Borough Council including the Josta wall rack and Sheffield stands.

The Velo-Safe is a unique wedge shaped locker that is very adaptable for all locations. It can be used where other lockers may not be appropriate such as in corners or staggered along walls. This was a determining factor for Reading Borough Council at the sites that they had identified. However, there are locations with more available space and, with the introduction of the rectangular Velo-Box by Cycle-Works, this offers an alternative option that has been installed more recently.

The double ended Velo-Box is a cost effective option that includes a door at each end and a metal diagonal divider allowing two independent lockers within the one unit. This does require an area to be available in front of each door for the loading and unloading of cycles.

Going forward, Cycle-Works and Reading Borough Council look forward to continuing their close relationship and the supply and installation of further secure cycle parking.