Cycle-Works Limited has successfully completed the installation of 262 bike places using the Josta 2-Tier High-Capacity Bike Rack for Morgan Sindall Construction and the Wirral Growth Company. This initiative represents a significant step forward in promoting sustainable transportation options and encouraging a healthier commuting lifestyle.

The Josta 2-Tier High-Capacity Bike Rack, known for its innovative design and space efficiency, allows for the secure parking of bicycles in a tiered configuration. This not only maximises the use of available space but also provides an organised and accessible solution for cyclists. The Josta 2-tier high capacity rack is not only easy and safe to use but it also includes 3 separate locking points, a requirement of Secured by Design.

By choosing Cycle-Works, both companies demonstrate their dedication to supporting employees who choose cycling as a mode of transportation. The high-capacity design of the Josta rack allows for the accommodation of a large number of bicycles, catering to the increasing demand for secure and efficient bike storage solutions in corporate settings.

The Wirral Growth Company, known for its focus on sustainable development, sees the installation as a positive step towards creating a workplace that encourages eco-friendly commuting choices. The Josta bike rack installation is expected to contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions and support the well-being of employees who opt for cycling as their preferred mode of transportation.

Cycle-Works Limited continues to lead the way in providing tailored bicycle storage solutions that cater to the evolving needs of businesses and organisations. The Josta 2-Tier High-Capacity Bike Rack is designed to meet the demands of high-density bike parking areas, making it an ideal choice for companies looking to enhance their cycling infrastructure.