In a bid to encourage sustainable transportation and provide enhanced facilities for cyclists, Redhill Leisure Centre in Nottingham has partnered with Cycle-Works Limited to install six state-of-the-art Velo-Box cycle lockers.

The installation reflects a broader commitment to sustainable living, positioning the facility as a beacon of innovation in the realm of fitness and environmental responsibility.

Promoting Green Commuting: Redhill Leisure Centre aims to promote environmentally friendly commuting options by providing top-notch cycling infrastructure, giving cyclists peace of mind that their valuable bikes can be stored safely while they use the sports facilities. The Velo-Box lockers align with the growing trend of prioritising sustainable transportation solutions.

Community Engagement: The initiative is also expected to foster a sense of community among cyclists, encouraging more individuals to adopt cycling as a mode of transportation. It aligns with broader efforts to create a more eco-conscious and health-oriented community.

Forward-Thinking Leisure Facilities: Redhill Leisure Centre continues to position itself as a forward-thinking facility, catering not only to fitness enthusiasts but also to those committed to sustainable living and eco-friendly practices

Collaboration with Cycle-Works Limited: The installation was carried out by Cycle-Works, a renowned company specialising in cycling infrastructure solutions that employs It’s own in-house installation teams. Their expertise ensures that the lockers meet the highest standards of durability and functionality.

Cutting-Edge Security: The Velo-Box cycle lockers boast cutting-edge security features, ensuring that cyclists have a safe and secure space to store their bicycles while using the leisure facilities.

User-Friendly Design: These cycle lockers are designed with user convenience in mind, featuring easy access mechanisms and ample space to accommodate various types of bicycles plus gear, from standard to electric bikes.

On Brand: Cycle-Works colour matched specific RAL colours in Gedling Borough Council’s brand guidelines to paint the lockers. A local vinyl graphics company was also commissioned to apply more Council branding. The finished is a clear message that the council is encouraging active travel.

“The new Velo-Box Cycle Lockers have gone down a storm with our members. The lockers show a real commitment from Gedling Borough Council to encourage healthy living and active transportation by providing secure storage solutions. Cycle-Works have been fantastic to work with on this project…”

Robbie Ilett, Duty Manager, Redhill Leisure Centre

“Cycle-Works is proud to be part of this initiative, delivering secure and user-friendly cycle storage solutions. We believe that such installations play a crucial role in promoting cycling as a viable and sustainable mode of transportation.”

James Baldwin, Director, Cycle-Works Limited