Varied Solutions Implemented for Ultimate Convenience and Functionality

Cycle-Works has successfully completed the installation of 325 bike places at The Northcliffe, a notable development, in collaboration with main contractor ISG and the architectural expertise of John Robertson Architects. The project involved the fabrication and installation of an array of  bike storage solutions, including semi-vertical racks, Sheffield stands, vertical wall-mounted racks, folding bike lockers, and a maintenance and pump station.

This initiative reflects a collective commitment to fostering sustainable transportation options and promoting a healthier, eco-friendly lifestyle for residents and employees at The Northcliffe. The comprehensive range of bike storage solutions provided by Cycle-Works addresses the diverse needs of cyclists, ensuring convenience and functionality.

Key Features of the Installation:

Semi-Vertical Racks: Offering efficient space utilisation, the semi-vertical racks provide a secure and organised storage solution for bicycles, accommodating a large number of bikes without compromising on accessibility.

Sheffield Stands: Known for their simplicity and effectiveness, Sheffield stands have been strategically placed to accommodate a variety of bike types, catering to the diverse preferences of cyclists at The Northcliffe.

Vertical Wall-Mounted Racks: Ideal for maximising vertical space, these racks contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the surroundings while providing secure and space-efficient bike storage.

Folding Bike Lockers: Recognising the need for enhanced security and protection from the elements, the installation includes folding bike lockers that offer individualised storage space for cyclists, encouraging long-term bike use.

Maintenance and Pump Station: Promoting a holistic approach to bike infrastructure, the inclusion of a maintenance and pump station supports cyclists by providing essential tools and resources for bike upkeep.

The collaboration between Cycle-Works, ISG, and John Robertson Architects showcases the seamless integration of functionality and design, ensuring that the bike spaces not only serve their purpose but also enhance the overall aesthetic and experience at The Northcliffe.

This innovative installation aligns with the broader global trend of prioritising sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation options, setting a standard for future developments to follow suit. The Northcliffe’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art bicycle facilities reinforces the notion that sustainable urban planning can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing.