Cycle-Works have recently installed 19 double-sided Velo-Box lockers, providing secure bike parking for 38 bikes.

The lockers were installed as part of a new redevelopment at the University.

The double sided Velo-Box makes good use of space allowing 2 bikes to be parked, independently of each other, in the same space a the standard Velo-Box locker for one bike. For the double Velo-Box there are doors at each end and a solid, fixed diagonal dividing panel allows each bike its own secure area.

Manchester Metropolitan University opted for the popular standard locking option with users own padlock and a master key override. This allows the users to supply their own padlock but still allows management to gain access using the master key override.

The Velo-Box can be supplied in any RAL colour to complement the surroundings where lockers are located.