ATOC Cycle-Rail Toolkit

The Association of Train Operating Companies has published a ‘Cycle-Rail Toolkit’ containing guidelines to help railway managers and local authorities make it easier for passengers to combine cycling with rail travel.

Devised in consultation with train operators, the Department for Transport and cycling organisations, the publication draws on international examples of best practice to demonstrate how to provide good facilities and ensure that as many people as possible benefit.
Cycle-Works are pleased to feature in the publication as part of the secure compound case study for Merseyrail at Southport where we supplied and installed the Josta 2-tier racking in the Cycle Centre. In fact, Southport has just won the accolade of ‘Station of the Year’ at the recent ATOC Cycle-Rail Awards 2012, hosted at the Houses of Parliament. See this news item.
‘This new toolkit provides some useful guidance and examples to help train operating companies get things right for cyclists’, said Transport Minister Norman Baker. ‘It highlights what will be effective in encouraging more people to make their door-to-door journey using a combination of rail and cycling.’
You can download the Cycle-Rail Toolkit pdf here: