Secure Products

Our secure product range includes all products that feature lockable gates. These are usually provided for regular users seeking long-term parking and can be installed in combination with open access products for short-term users.

Velo-Safe Locker

This versatile and space-efficient bicycle locker can be arranged in many different layouts.

Single or double sided Velo-Box Locker

High security at an affordable price. Can be single or double ended for 2 bikes to maximise space.

Cycle-Works VeloStore

The Cycle-Works VeloStore is a compact, secure and unobtrusive multi-bike shelter.

BikeAway Locker

The BikeAway locker is a space-efficient galvanised steel bicycle locker which stores the bike vertically.

Solent Lockable Shelter

The Solent lockable shelter is a secure and modern curved shelter that provides good weather protection.

BykeBin Locker

The BykeBin is a plastic (polyethylene) locker that stores the bike horizontally.

BikeBunker and BikeBunker Plus

The BikeBunker is a domestic bicycle store for 2-3 bikes.

2-Tier Bike Locker – Josta® BikeStore2

The Josta® BikeStore 2 is a unique 2-tier secure bike locker that combines the space saving qualities of the popular Josta 2-tier rack with the added security of an individual cycle locker.

Solent Lockable Compound

A lockable compound made of two Solent shelters facing each other, with lockable gates.

Josta® Berlin Compound

The Berlin compound is a stylish and versatile modern bicycle compound.