The BykeBin is a  tough polyethylene locker that stores the bike horizontally.

Features & Benefits

  • Parks one bicycle
  • Can be installed in minutes, either in a single row or interlocked
  • Can be ordered in a variety of standard colours, including stone-effect options
  • Huge advertising potential

Why this product is so good

Made from recyclable plastic, The BykeBin requires minimal maintenance and will not rust. In addition, it is easy to install and move at a later date as it is delivered as a whole unit. This locker can be installed in a single row or interlocked to create a freestanding compound.

The unit comes with padlock and key, a padlock securing bracket and 4 ground fixing bolts. It also incorporates internal cycle fixing brackets, a built-in floor with drainage holes plus two door hooks to hang personal belongings.

BykeBins can be ordered in a variety of standard colours. Stone-effect colours, such as dark millstone, sandstone and granite complement listed buildings. Bright colours are a cheerful solution for schools and nurseries.

This cycle locker can be used to help demonstrate compliance with BREEAM and achieve a high BREEAM rating.*
This cycle locker can be used to help contribute towards gaining your 2 ENE8 Cycle Storage Credits when used in an appropriate situation, under the Code for Sustainable Homes.

*Cycle-works and its products and services are not affiliated, endorsed or certified by BRE Global or its affiliates. All rights are reserved.

Layout & Space Requirements

The lockers can be arranged in one long row or interlocking with access from both sides.

In order to allow easy access to the locker, a minimum of 1.5m of free space in front of the doors is recommended.


The BykeBin stores one adult bike plus up to two small children's bikes, depending on the size of all bikes

  • Height:1300mm
  • Length:1700mm
  • Width:960mm
  • Weight: 80kg.

The units are delivered as a complete locker and can be bolted down quite quickly. Four ground fixing bolts are supplied.

Materials, Locking Mechanisms & Accessories
Material Options

The locker is moulded in rigid polyethylene. All metal work is made of stainless steel.

BykeBins can be ordered in a variety of standard colours. Stone-effect colours such as dark millstone, sandstone and granite complement listed buildings. Bright colours are a cheerful solution for schools and nurseries.

Standard Colours:

Red, Black, Green, Blue, Grey, Yellow

Stone effects:

Dark Millstone, Sandstone, Pale Granite, Sapphire

Locking Mechanisms & Options

Each locker features a hasp that accepts most padlock sizes.

Clothes hook

Every locker is equipped with a clothes hook on the inside of the door to store waterproofs, helmets and other kit.

Advertising & Branding

Advertising panels are available for the front door. This includes artwork and laminated panels in a wide range of colours.

We are happy to prepare computer illustrations for your approval free of charge.

Issues & FAQ

Issues to consider


Made from rigid polyethylene, this locker is quite tough and durable. However, if security is a major concern we recommend using our metal Velo-Safe, Velo-Box or and BikeAway lockers.

In addition, the locker is only as good as the locking mechanism used; therefore, we recommend using a strong padlock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell to private households?

Yes, we are happy to sell this product to private households.

Customers & Sites

We have done many sites with these products, including some of the following categories:

Hospitals & Healthcare
Schools, Colleges, Universities
Architects & Construction Companies

We have worked directly for most of the major construction companies, or as a subcontractor. We have worked directly for:

Transport Operators - Train/Bus /Air
Major Employers
Bike Stations

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Case Studies
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Price Requirements

Please contact us for our current price list.

Normal payments for councils, authorities or recognised institutions is by invoice on installation, on 30 day terms.

However, in some situations a deposit may be required. Other methods of payment may be acceptable.

Current lead time is 3-4 weeks from receipt of your written purchase order.

Terms & Conditions
Orders are subject to our normal terms and conditions.

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