Our Goals

Aims and Mission

The Cycle-works Mission is to raise the profile and image of cycling, particularly for commuting and work-based trips.

We are all passionate cyclists, and believe that cycling should be encouraged, for health, social, equality and environmental reasons – as well as being the best way to reduce congestion.

We are not anti-car, but believe that providing better and higher quality alternatives will provide more rational transport choices

 Our Objectives

We want to fulfil our aims by providing higher quality cycle parking, and related services.

We believe that people will only cycle frequently if they have somewhere suitable to park their bike. This needs to be as safe, secure and easy to use as possible.
We aim to be the leading provider of quality cycle-parking solutions, to satisfy this need. We aim to creating lasting value for our customers, our people, and the communities in which we operate.


 Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

We believe in safe and efficient working practices at all times. Please find our Cycle-Works Health and Safety and Environmental Policy below:

Cycle-works Health, Safety and Environmental Policy 1.6.10 PDF >>