Environmentally aware – the Cycle-Works philosophy

At Cycle-Works, we believe that cycling is one of the best things that can be done to make a sustainable future. We provide bike parking products and other services that will promote cycling and aim to reduce the use of cars. In keeping with this philosophy, we always try to arrange site visits and deliveries together, by combining trips to an area. Despite this, we try to keep lead times as short as possible.

We have also found that many site visits can be eliminated by modern methods such as emailing site plans and photographs, followed by discussions over the phone.

Equally, we don’t believe in printing huge piles of glossy brochures for our ever expanding and changing product range. Therefore, we will email you PDF files wherever possible, or print them for you and send them by post. This may not look as trendy as a glossy brochure – but it is much better for the environment!

Wherever possible we use local manufacturers and local raw materials. For example, the Velo-Safe locker is designed and manufactured in the UK.