A bike station is a bicycle parking facility that offers a range of additional services.

Typical bike station facilities can include:

  • Bike storage
  • Bike repair and pumps
  • Cycle sales
  • Bike hire
  • Providing cycling information, e.g. maps, routes etc
  • Bike wash
  • Cafés and restaurants
  • Shops
  • Showers
  • Clothes storage
  • Clothes washing/drying
  • Cycle training


There are many bike station across Europe, ranging from small sites at train stations offering parking and simple bike repair to large sites offering a range of facilities such as Munster in Germany (3,300 bikes) and Leiden in Holland (7,000 bikes).

The space-efficient Josta 2-tier rack is a popular choice to achieve convenient, neat and organised high capacity parking. A major benefit is that each person has their own space, unlike with other simpler systems, such as Sheffield type stands.




Josta 2-tier racks are now installed at bike stations across Europe, including:

  • Germany (Muenster, Essen, Duisburg. Lingen)
  • The Netherlands (Groningen, Utrecht, Leiden)
  • Belgium (Gent)
  • Italy (Brescia, opening in 2008)


In the USA, the term BikeStation is a branded concept/organisation. In these BikeStations, access is controlled electronically, with users signing up for a program.


There are also other bike stations that are not part of the branded BikeStation group,

e.g. the Millennium Park bike station in Chicago Los Angeles, California Pasadena, California