Single or double sided Velo-Box Locker


The Cycle-Works Velo-Box locker is an innovative and adaptable storage solution that offers high security at an affordable price.

This locker can be single-sided for one bike per box. This is usually the best solution for narrower sites, with the lockers placed along the back wall.

The double-sided version features a door on either end, with a fixed internal divider in the middle to create two individually accessible and lockable bike spaces. This means that separate users do not need to share access and the bikes to no touch each other.

The Velo-Box can be customised with laser cut end panels and coated in a colour of your choice from our range of options. It is not only economical but also extremely strong, using a monocoque technique that is more widely found in aircraft and automotive construction.

The innovative British design and construction also includes one of the strongest locking systems available on the market.

The Velo-Box locker is available with electronic access. Electronic Access Information

Locker Dimensions in mm

Length:   2000
Width:    810
Height:   1300

Features & Benefits
  • Strong Monocoque construction
  • Easily fits all standard bikes
  • Each locker holds 1 or 2 bikes
  • One of the strongest locking systems available
  • Galvanised mild Steel construction
  • Designed and made in Britain
  • Can be coated in any standard RAL colour
  • No groundworks required
  • Modular and expandable construction
  • Optional laser cut logo in end panel or door
  • Cost effective and excellent value for money
  • Available with electronic access




BREEAM & Code for Sustainable Homes

This cycle locker can be used to help demonstrate compliance with BREEAM and achieve a high BREEAM rating.*  This cycle shelter can be used to help contribute towards gaining your 2 ENE8 Cycle Storage Credits when used in an appropriate situation, under the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Hire a Locker

These lockers are available to hire in some locations.
Please contact us, or click here to see a map of current locker rental sites.

*Cycle-works and its products and services are not affiliated, endorsed or certified by BRE Global or its affiliates. All rights are reserved.

Layout & Space Requirements

The lockers can be arranged in one long row with access from both sides.
Lockers can also be installed as single units with access from one side.

What makes the Velo-Box so different?

What makes the Velo-Box so attractive is its combination of high security at an affordable price. The locker is also quick and easy to install and relocate if needed, with no need for groundworks as long as there is an existing smooth and level surface. There are also several different high security locking options available. A diagonal divider can be added allowing 2 bikes to be parked, with independent access from either side.

5 Velo-Safes in a quarter-circleThe design of the Velo-Box is a strong rectangle shape.
Using a precision monocoque fabrication technique the locker has a great rigidity and strength. A series of subtle folds are incorporated into the panels of the locker to add to the overall strength.

Capacity The Velo-Box is available as a single-sided locker for 1 bike or a double-sided locker for 2 bikes, with access from both sides.

  • Length: 2000mm
  • Width: 810mm
  • Height: 1300mm
Materials, Locking Mechanisms & Accessories
Material Options

This sturdy locker is made of pre-galvanised and zintec coated steel, which can be powder-coated in any RAL colour. We offer a wide range of stock RAL colours, but other colours are avaialble at a small extra charge.

Locking Mechanisms & Options
The standard locking option is a user's own padlock facility with a master key override.
Other locking options are available, and a master key can be supplied for each option:
  • ABLOY EXEC high security lock - Heavy duty
  • Baton high security locking cylinder.
  • Combination lock.
  • Padlock.
  • Extra Keys are available
  • Smart card electronic access facility - Please contact us for details - 02392 815 555

Advertising & Branding

The end panels of the lockers are normally blank, but can have a large cycle image for identification.
Other corporate logos or a large advertising panel can be fitted here instead, if required. The front door of the Velo-Box is also ideal for branding and corporate logos. For example, the locker comes pre cut with our logo, but this can be easily changed to your design and branding.

Do you sell to private households?

Yes, we would be happy to provide private households with this locker if required.

How strong is the locker?

The locker has been subjected to considerable practical testing at many vulnerable sites. The unique wedge shaped design gives it enormous strength and security

How do they fix to the ground?

The Velo-Box is fixed to the ground with 60mm long coach bolts which are inserted into plastic plugs. This method can be used for all smooth, hard and reasonably level surfaces. We only need to drill 10mm diameter holes to a depth off 55mm.

Architects & Construction Companies

We can supply plans and layouts for architects and construction companies. A special concrete base is good, but not required.

We have worked directly for most of the major construction companies, or as a subcontractor. We have worked directly for:

    construstion logos

Case Studies

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Reference Material

Loughborough college

Price Requirements
Please contact us for our current price list.
Normal payments for councils, authorities or recognised institutions is by invoice on installation, on 30 day terms.
However, in for large orders or in certain situations, a deposit may be required.
Current lead time is 6-8 weeks from receipt of your written purchase order. Extra time may be needed if the factory is very busy or extensive customisation is required.

Terms & Conditions
Orders are subject to our standard terms and conditions.