Cycle Works - Promoting Cycling

Cycle-Works was formed in 1996, with the intention of promoting cycling by providing quality, innovative products and ideas. The aim is to raise the profile and image of cycling, particularly for commuting and work-based trips, and also to increase transport choice and reduce car dependency.

Cycle-Works believe that increased cycling for leisure or health will lead to more cycle-commuters (as seen elsewhere, such as in Seattle, USA). However, all these goals require the provision of high quality facilities, leading to a more positive “bicycle culture”.


We manufacture many of our own products, as well as acting as a distributor for a number of well known cycle-parking companies from around the world. Our aim is to find the most appropriate solutions to problems, and we can also supply custom-designed products when required.

Because all of our staff are regular cyclists, we instinctively understand how most cyclists will use cycle parking facilities, and this level of experience is evident in the services we offer.


In 1996 Cycle-Works were the first to install bicycle lockers in the UK, with several sites at Hampshire train stations, a hospital and Park and Ride sites.

We have since introduced many other innovative bike locker, rack and shelter styles, and were a major partner in the Mayors School cycle parking initiative, where we worked with FM Conway to install shelters and bike racks at many schools across London.

We were also the first to install high-capacity ’2 tier’ racks in the UK, for Transport for London and at several major companies and Surbiton and Wimbledon train stations.

These space-saving racks have now become very popular at new office and major residential developments, especially in London and other locations where space is at a premium.

At Cycle-Works, we take pride in installing all of our own products and have our own vans and specialist installation teams.


Cycle-Works are very aware of recent developments, and travel widely to see and experience best practice, for example by attending and exhibiting at all the recent European VeloCity and US Pro-Bike/Pro-Walk conferences.

We are always interested to hear from parties who share our “vision” and who would like to work with us, or become involved in joint ventures, while we are always looking for innovative products to distribute to our growing customer base. Please contact us!